Communication Module Checklist

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Getting Started Checklist

Instructions: Completing this checklist will help identify which communication aspects have been implemented in your operation and which ones should be considered to aid in motivating employees. Please answer each item as it relates to how you use communication to aid in motivating employees. When you are finished, the checklist will be scored and you will receive a summary of how well communication is used as a motivational tool in your operation.
1. I generally correct/retrain employees that I see not following good food safety practices.
2. Food safety is not currently a topic covered in our new employee orientation/training.
3. To keep food safety fresh in the employees' minds, I frequently offer on-the-spot food safety reminders.
4. When I see employees not performing procedures in a safe food way, I review with them a written standard operating procedure (SOP).
5. I have never conducted a food safety audit of my operation.
6. When food safety audits are conducted in my operation, I share the results with employees.
7. I find it useful to share health inspection reports with my employees.
8. I discuss food safety issues with employees.
9. I'm not sure my employees understand how important food safety is to our operation.
10. When we have a food safety customer complaint, I am never sure how to handle it.
11. When we are busy, I find it hard to communicate safe food handling practices to employees.
12. I am a good food safety role model for my employees.
13. I wash my hands every time I enter the kitchen.
14. Employees in my operation know they should not come to work if they are ill.
15. I encourage employees to bring to my attention any food of questionable quality before they use it.
16. It is hard to know what others on our management team are telling employees about our food safety policies.
17. I am always open to hearing employees' suggestions on how our operation could improve its food safety practices.
18. I encourage employees' suggestions.
19. I make sure to tell employees consistent food safety information during trainings.
20. Employees know how to handle customer complaints/concerns about food safety/foodborne illnesses.
21. All employees have had some type of food safety instruction besides on-the-job food safety training.
22. Employees have commented they noticed the posters on the walls describing safe food handling practices.
23. I have seen changes in employees' behaviors after food safety training.
24. Employees know what the health inspector is looking for when an inspection occurs.
25. Employees in my operation tell me if/when they have concerns about how food safety practices are being performed.
26. Employees seem to follow food safety procedures only when someone is watching.
27. When employees are corrected for food safety violations, they often blame the management team for being inconsistent with food safety expectations.
28. Employees ask me questions when they are unsure about proper food safety practices.